Why Our Team Made the Switch to Berkshire Hathaway

January 29th, 2018 By Cindy Anderson in Blog.

When Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices moved into Traverse City, I was instantly interested.  Most compelling was their success: their national image, including Warren Buffet – president and CEO of Berkshire and one of the most accomplished investors in the world, not to mention their stocks – now worth over $300,000 a share.  In this company, working hard and being honest is why Berkshire is so highly regarded.

In Michigan, the requirements to get a real estate license are as follows: you must have a pulse, pass a 40 hour class and not be a convicted felon in the last 10 years. That is it. Many brokers mirror those minor requirements in the hiring process.  Berkshire, however, does not. You must have experience, and if you don’t, you can join a team and apprentice to learn how to do this job and do it well.  The whole team of each Berkshire office, including and especially the administrative personnel, are truly content and happy to work with one another.  When you walk in the office, you are greeted with authenticity.  The administration makes up some of the most important team members, and they are highly regarded and valued, which makes each and every transaction go as smoothly as possible.  When a member of the Berkshire team is hired, it is because they have the skills and talent to be there, not because they know someone who knows someone.  Often when nepotism plays out, you can end up with unqualified leadership.  This inevitably trickles down to the consumer. 

My former broker was big.  Big big, like fast food chain big; it filled a void, but was not necessarily good for the consumer.  Although they were well-known and widely recognized, they didn’t measure up to Berkshire when I was weighing my options.  On a state-wide scale, Berkshire has more offices. On a nation-wide scale, Berkshire’s image is impeccable.  The move to Berkshire has been incredible. My beliefs stayed the same, of course: work hard, provide quality service from every angle and naturally, success will follow.  Most of all, walk the talk.  Integrity means something. Honesty means something.  Values mean something. 

Being in this business for over 26 years and working steadily with all different type of people, I can tell you that Berkshire Hathaway is a name that gains respect.  Isn’t that what this business is all about?  When a consumer respects the services that are being provided, they can trust the provider.  Berkshire allows me to work positively with my clientele.  Respect and trust are the foundation of the real estate world, and seeing the reactions of my clients when I made the switch to this broker only confirmed that I was doing the right thing.

Berkshire Hathaway in Traverse City is going to grow carefully and methodically.  To quote Warren Buffet, “Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.”  It is Berkshire’s philosophy that quality resonates throughout the company.   It is not about who you know or how much money you have, it is about what you do and how you do it.  To sum up, I made the move to Berkshire because of the company’s regard for honest morals, impeccable ethics, and how they value the people they are working for and with, one agent, one admin, and one client at a time.

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